• Jog Pendent Handwheel Encoder

    Jog Pendent Handwheel Encoder

    Jog pendant is mainly used in CNC machine tools for the original point setting, stepping adjustment by hand, the interruption of processing. It includes a hand wheel manual encoder, axis switch and resolution switch. The hand wheel manual encoder outputs A and B signals and give the position feedback to the CNC system. Axis switch decides the tool’s moving direction. The resolution switch decides the moving speed.

  • Electronic Handwheel Router Pulse Encoder

    Electronic Handwheel Router Pulse Encoder

    Electronic handwheel router is applied in CNC machine tools or robotic for motion control. It is also called pulse encoder. The CNC electronic handwheel router could provide the position information to CNC control system. Operaters could hold the pulse encoder and operate the machines freely and safely. 5V voltage and 100ppr resolution are the most requested specifications for the pulse encoder. Roundss supplies multiple types of electronic handwheel routers. The dimensions, appearance and functions are a little different.You can contact sales to find the best solution.

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