• DC Motor With Encoder Stepper Motor Encoder

    DC Motor With Encoder Stepper Motor Encoder

    Stepper motor is the executing parts and encoder is the feedback system. Encoder is used with stepper motor and PLC controls them. PLC sends the pulse command to the stepper driver. The driver supplies the current to stepper motor and make it run. And encoder will feedback the current position information to PLC. PLC will compare the feedback value with the target value and make adjustment of the rotter. DC motor with encoder is an important part in the open loop system.

  • Incremental Optical Encoder

    Incremental Optical Encoder

    The incremental optical DC motor encode passes the certification is CE ISO9001 & ROHS and the manufacturer of the sensor has high quality control, better delivery control and better cost control.The hollow shaft encoder apply to the lift, textile machines, cnc machine tools, packing machines and conveyor industry.

  • DC Motor Encoder for Robotics

    DC Motor Encoder for Robotics

    ROUNDSS servo motor encoder provide multiple output signals: binary, BISS, linear driver, RS422, ABZ output, square wave and sine-cosine signals. Servo motor is through hollow shaft rotary optical encoder stainless steel shaft ensures high stability and protection ability. The small size motor encoder is suitable for many applications,especially for robotics and other device which need compact design.

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