• Optical Linear Scale Encoder Linear Position Sensor

    Optical Linear Scale Encoder Linear Position Sensor

    Linear scale displacement position sensor is often used in machine tools, machining centers and measuring instruments. It can be used as an optical linear scale encoder displacement or angular displacement detection. CNC machine tools are often used to detect the coordinates of cutting tool and workpiece to observe and track the feed error of the tool to play the role of a motion error compensation of cutting tool.

  • Wire-Actuated Encoders Position Sensors‎

    Wire-Actuated Encoders Position Sensors‎

    Wire-acuated encoder is a type of position measurement sensor. Wire-acuated encoder uses a highly flexible steel cable to measure linear positions. The cable drum is attached to a sensor element which provides a proportional output signal. The wire-actuated encoder has the features of sturdy and durable, easy to install, optional various output mode, small installation size, compact structure, large measuring stroke and high precision. Position measurements are performed with high accuracy and high dynamic response.

  • Encoders Rotary Position Sensor

    Encoders Rotary Position Sensor

    A rotary encoder provides cyclical outputs (only) when the sensor is rotated. The incremental rotary sensor is the most widely used of all rotary encoders due to its low cost and ability to provide square wave signals that can be easily interpreted to provide motion related information such as position and velocity.

  • String Pots Linear Cable Encoder Linear Position Sensors

    String Pots Linear Cable Encoder Linear Position Sensors

    The string pots are suitable for linear guide system, like hydraulic cylinder system, testing machine, telescopic system, storage position positioning, pressure machinery, paper machine, textile machinery and so on. ROUNDSS as China the 2nd largest encoder manufacturer, supply a complete series of linear cable encoder products of 0-4000mm measuring range. Different types of string pots offer you the best device for your application.

  • Quadrature Encoder Position Sensors

    Quadrature Encoder Position Sensors

    When the quadrature encoder as a position sensors shaft rotates, there is a corresponding pulse output. The discrimination of the direction of rotation and the increase or decrease of the number of pulses are realized by the rear direction judgment circuit and counter. The starting point of the counting can be setting freely, and the infinite cumulative and measurement of multiple circles can be realized. When the number of pulses is fixed and the resolution needs to be increased, the original pulse number can be multiplied by using two signals of 90° phase difference A and B.

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