Application of rotary encoder in road inspection vehicle

At present, as China's urbanization and infrastructure construction progresses, more and more roads are being planned and constructed, and they are continuously completed and put into use. In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of traffic, it is crucial to test the indicators such as road defects and flatness. In this regard, the rotary encoder is applied to the road detection vehicle, and it has become a weapon for road detection and maintenance by virtue of its excellent detection accuracy in the detection of the wheel speed.

As the number and types of roads continue to increase, effective detection and management of them has become a topic. For different types of roads such as highways, grade roads, urban roads and airport runways, whether there are roads such as cracks and cracks, or the flatness does not meet the corresponding standards, it may affect its normal function or even cause serious problems. Hazard of danger. In the current wave of informatization, it is more necessary to combine road inspection work with information management platform to store, manage and utilize various data indicators of roads.

In response to such demand, the emergence of a new type of road detection vehicle has become the best tool for solving road detection problems. This type of inspection vehicle integrates and applies modern information technology, and is equipped with advanced sensors, image acquisition systems, and on-board computers on the vehicle platform. Under the normal driving state of the vehicle, the data collection, analysis, classification and storage of road pavement image, road shape, road facility stereo image, flatness and road geometric parameters can be automatically completed, and even test reports and maintenance plans are automatically generated.

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