Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

All colleagues:

   The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching in 2019, according to the national holiday arrangements, combined with the actual situation of our company. The special holiday plan is as follows:

A total of 3 days for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, June 7th, 2019 (Friday), June 8th (Saturday), June 9th (Sunday)

Among them: June 7 (Friday) is a paid holiday for statutory holidays.

Unpaid break on June 8 (Saturday)

Normal rest on June 9 (Sunday).

Above, please make arrangements for work in advance. At the same time, do a good job of safety protection, and pay attention to safety on holidays.

ROUNDSS company has different series of products, including rotary encoders, incremental encoders, linear encoders, optical and magnetic encoders, digital band switches, spindle encoders, servo motor encoders, gear tooth encoders, absolute encoders.

Hereby notice!

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