Encoder market trends in the future

The application industry of encoders is very extensive. Next, I would like to share with you the familiar market trends in the future.

Encoder application market analysis

1. Elevator industry

The encoder is used in the elevator industry mainly for the position control of the car and the speed control of the elevator. According to data released by the recent National Bureau of Statistics, the overall data growth of the Chinese elevator industry in 2018 is about 10% higher than that in 2017. At present, with the decline of real estate and the increase in the matching ratio of the entire elevator industry, the elevator industry has shown a trend of low-speed development. In the next year or two, we can expect that there will be a growth trend in the elevator industry.

2, servo control field

In the servo market from 2017 to 2018, there has been a spurt of explosive growth. After June 2018, there has been a divergence. Some industries and enterprises have experienced sharp declines. Of course, some industries are The servo field has achieved steady growth. As can be seen from the application of the encoder, there are some processes in the servo industry that have a sun or a sunset.

3. Machine tool industry

According to the statistics released by the China Machine Tool Association in January 2019, the overall revenue and profit of China's machine tools in 2018 is slightly better than 2017. For machine tool companies, a large part of the main customer base comes from the automotive industry. In 2018, China's auto industry showed a downward trend. The stagnation of the auto industry is also a bad news for the development of the machine tool industry. In view of the country's investment policy of filling short-board, there is still a partial policy of tilting to the machine tool throughout the fixed asset investment. It is predicted that the machine tool industry will be in line with 2018 in 2019.

4, the field of robots

From the data of the first three quarters of 2018, the global robot industry's output value reached 20 billion US dollars, of which, the Chinese market has 5.5 billion US dollars. In fact, from the speed of global robot development, it has increased by 13.6%, and it has increased by 18% from the perspective of the overall development of Chinese robots. The growth of China's robotics industry has benefited from the tilt of national policies, thanks to the depth of the robotics market in the servo field. It can be seen that in the next one or two years, the robot industry will still have a room for growth.

5. Military industry, segmentation field

The military industry and sub-sectors also experienced a steady growth in 2018. In the big industry, we have double-digit growth in 2017 from domestic encoders. Although the servos have declined in the second half of 2018, it is still a growth trend.

Industry upgrades are long and difficult

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