Handheld pulse generator

TR-Electronic GmbH is a group of automation systems companies specializing in the production and sale of encoders and industrial computers. Headquartered in Trossingen, Germany, with nearly 30 years of history and experience in industrial automation, it has always been a loyal partner in your field of industrial automation. The company's headquarters currently employs more than 350 employees and has established sales offices, subsidiaries and partners in more than 30 countries. The main development and production angle and linear displacement measurement system, including incremental rotary encoder, absolute dui value rotary encoder, magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor, grating scale, laser range finder and intelligent positioning drive. Among them, the resolution of the multi-turn rotary encoder with dui value can reach 36 bits, and the matching interface of the encoder (SSI, ISI, ASI, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN-BUS, EtherCAT, SLIN, INTERBUS-S, Parallel, Analog and Cam and other interfaces) can be compatible with any PLC.

Rongde has a series manual pulse generator.On the one hand ,such as RSA,RSB...RSK electric pendent. On the other hand includeing the 60.1series and 80.1series electric handwheel.All the MPG products has the SIEMENS system and we offer the handwheel product for the USA company HASS.

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