How is the encoder used in the lifting industry?

According to the regulations, double synchronous rectification control must be installed above 40 meters of long span door to prevent the track around the wheel or even the overtrack portion. The track has a derailment accident. For the sake of safety, the double door machine requires that the wheel needs more reliable feedback synchronization control. The speed and position information are directly related to the safety control, the door machine is particularly heavy on the equipment environment, and the particularity of signal transmission and sensor selection is determined. Complex working environments, large motors and high and low voltage power systems, inverters, power lines and signal cables are often laid out together, and the electrical interference field is very serious.

The device has strong mobility, long moving distance and high grounding difficulty. The signal transmission distance is long, and the signal data is safe and reliable. Synchronous control requires high real-time signal transmission and is reliable. The outdoor use is large, the protection level is high, the requirements are mild, the quality of the trainers is low, and the requirements for product use are high.

Absolute encoder can be safely used in door lift equipment, without power-down jitter, long-distance, multi-turn characteristics, all-digital, anti-interference signals, and can also achieve long-distance transmission security. In the crane industry application, the encoder products need to meet the high protection level in all aspects and operate stably for a long time, so this encoder product is a high-end product with high price. In the crane industry, encoder products are mainly used in lifting machinery and stroller walking mechanisms. The main application of the trolley walking mechanism in walking distance; the application of the lifting mechanism is the application of the key components of the crane lifting mechanism, especially the large-tonnage lifting equipment, using two universal motors or multiple motors to simultaneously increase the tonnage.

Due to the synchronous operation of several motors, the inverter is used to acquire the encoder signal for synchronous speed regulation. The lifting mechanism involves high safety requirements. In order to prevent the occurrence of speed and stall, the encoder should also be equipped with an overspeed switching product to protect the safe and stable operation of the lifting motor. The speed of the overspeed switch is set to 1.2-1.5 times the rated speed of the motor. When the speed is set, the overspeed switch gives the switching signal and the control system is used to ensure the safety of the equipment.

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