how to solve the phase alignment problem of the encoder

If the absolute encoder has neither an available EEPROM nor a high-count pin for detection, the alignment method is relatively complicated. If the drive supports reading and display of single-turn absolute position information, consider:

1. Use a DC power supply to pass the DC winding of the motor to a DC current less than the rated current, U in, V out, and direct the motor shaft to an equilibrium position;

2. Using the servo driver to read and display the single-turn position value of the absolute encoder;

3. Adjust the relative position of the encoder shaft and the motor shaft;

4. After the above adjustment, the absolute position value of the displayed single circle is sufficiently close to the absolute position of the single circle corresponding to the electric angle of -30 degrees of the motor calculated from the pole pair of the motor, and the relative positional relationship between the encoder and the motor is locked. ;

5. Reverse the motor shaft back and forth. After the hand is released, if the motor shaft is free to return to the equilibrium position each time, the above-mentioned conversion position points can be accurately reproduced, and the alignment is effective.

If the user can't obtain the absolute value information, then the absolute position detection value can be detected by the original special tooling, and the motor electric angle phase can be detected. The tool tool can be used to adjust the relative angular position relationship between the encoder and the motor. The encoder phase is aligned with the motor electrical angle phase and then locked. In this way, the user is even more unable to solve the phase alignment problem of the encoder.

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