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The optical code disc is an electrical signal in the form of "digital code" that transforms the displacement into a "digital code" through photoelectric conversion. It is a digital sensor. The code disc sensor is output in the form of "digital". The core component of the photoelectric code disc is the code disc, and the production precision of the code disc determines the accuracy of the sensor. The code wheel is used to measure the angle (or angular displacement); the yardstick is used to measure the length (or linear displacement).

The photoelectric code disc is made of optical glass and is also called a photoelectric encoder. There are many concentric code tracks engraved on it, and each code track has light-transmitting and opaque parts arranged according to a certain rule. It is a patterned glass disc. The pattern on the disc is composed of a series of transparent areas and opaque areas alternately forming a disc or strip. When used with brushes and circuits, it can form a rotary encoder to convert optical signals into digital electrical signals. The optical encoder can be used to accurately measure the angle (or angular displacement).

The optical code disc goniometer is a common instrument that uses the photoelectric code disc to accurately measure the angle.

According to its encoding method, the photoelectric code disc is divided into three methods: binary, decimal and cyclic code

The advantages of the photoelectric code wheel are: no contact wear, which allows high speed, high frequency response, stability and reliability, sturdiness and durability, and high precision

Optical code discs have been widely used in the fields of CNC machine tools, servo motors, robots, rotary machinery, transmission machinery, instrumentation and office equipment, automatic control technology and detection and sensing technology, and the application fields are constantly expanding.

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