Phase alignment of absolute encoders

The phase alignment of the absolute encoder is not much different for single-turn and multi-turn. In fact, the phase of the detection phase of the encoder and the electrical angle of the motor are aligned in one turn. Early absolute encoders gave the highest level of the single-turn phase as a separate pin. With this level of 0 and 1 flipping, the phase alignment of the encoder and motor can also be achieved as follows:

1. Use a DC power supply to pass the DC winding of the motor to a DC current less than the rated current, U in, V out, and direct the motor shaft to an equilibrium position;

2. Observe the highest count bit level signal of the absolute encoder with an oscilloscope;

3. Adjust the relative position of the encoder shaft and the motor shaft;

4. While adjusting, observe the transition edge of the highest count bit signal until the jump edge appears exactly at the directional balance position of the motor shaft, and lock the relative positional relationship between the encoder and the motor;

5. Reverse the motor shaft back and forth. After the hand is released, if the motor shaft is free to return to the equilibrium position each time, the jump edge can be accurately reproduced, and the alignment is effective.

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