REN56U10 elevator sever motor encoder


1.Encoder type

High-precision optical encoder in the field of elevator servo control

2.Product Features and Specifications

Changchun Rongde Optical Co., Ltd new generation product independently developed for elevator servo control applications.

    The ultra-thin size design is suitable for small installation spaces.

    housing diameter 56mm, height 40mm, small size and light weight

Mechanical drawing

elevator server motor

Parameter list

High-precision optical encoder

Output Waveform



3.product value

This product is a new generation of products independently developed for elevator servo control applications. Excellent optical components and structure ensure the accuracy of signal output.Its output is a sin and cos signal, and the overall versatility is strong and easy to install.

This rotary encoder can be used for feedback control of various motor designs in the elevator industry, as a position encoder in the drive system control loop to measure actual speed. With the highly specialized characteristics of rotary encoders for elevator drive systems, they meet high functionality and reliability requirements. The excellent signal quality and high precision of the rotary encoder ensure high-quality speed control and precise positioning. Rigid shaft connection, wider runout tolerance, easy installation.

Installation diagram

1.Installation method  

elevator server motor

2.Disassembly method

High-precision optical encoder

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