Rotary encoder for elevator

Rotary encoder for elevator

With the development of technology, everyone's demand for elevators continues to improve: Not only is the speed faster, the promotion height is higher, the land occupation is less and the operating cost is low, and the passenger comfort can not be lost a little. The ride is comfortable. The demand must be smoothly started and successively speeded up. Now the soft brake and the precise arrival intention are no more. Unpleasant oscillation.

Encoder (electronic handwheel) drive control is critical to the practice of these features. In order to satisfy these higher skill needs, these years of driving skills have changed a lot.

The trend is toothless drive technology, which has a range of economic and environmental advantages:

Elevator oscillation and less noise

Elevator room space is lower - Machine Room (MRL) elevator

Comfortable ride

Energy saving

Protection free and oil free

Because of the advancement of power density, permanent magnet synchronous motors are generally used. In terms of handling, these motors require precise orientation of the rotor with azimuth information. For example, positive position information is supplied using an affirmative rotary encoder or an incremental rotary encoder with a commutation signal.

In addition, this drive skill typically uses a high-resolution encoder that is used as an azimuth encoder (electronic handwheel) on the control loop to determine the speed of practice. In order to satisfy the higher demands of utility and reliability, and to produce a more complete and more complete system, it is necessary to have a special characteristic for rotary encoders for elevators. This includes other characteristics of the rotary encoder of the elevator: digital axis orientation Ascertain and elevator door drive control.

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