The specific phase alignment method of absolute encoders

Such absolute encoders have been widely replaced by serial protocols such as EnDAT, BiSS, Hyperface, and new absolute encoders with Japanese-specific serial protocols. Therefore, the highest-order signals do not exist, and the encoders are aligned. The method of motor phase has also changed. One very practical method is to use the internal EEPROM of the encoder to store the measured phase of the encoder after it is randomly mounted on the motor shaft. The specific method is as follows:

1. The encoder is randomly mounted on the motor, that is, the encoder shaft and the motor shaft are fixed, and the encoder housing and the motor housing are assembled;

2. Use a DC power supply to pass the UV winding of the motor to a DC current less than the rated current, U in, V out, and direct the motor shaft to an equilibrium position;

3. Use the servo driver to read the single-turn position value of the absolute encoder and store it in the EEPROM inside the encoder to record the initial phase of the motor electrical angle;

4. The alignment process ends.

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