What are the advantages of rotary encoders in the industrial control industry?

Each position of the absolute encoder corresponds to a certain digital code, so its indication is only related to the start and end positions of the measurement, regardless of the intermediate process of the measurement.

From proximity switches, photoelectric switches to rotary encoders

The positioning in industrial control, the application of proximity switches and photoelectric switches has been quite mature and is very useful. However, with the continuous development of industrial control, there are new requirements, so the advantages of using rotary encoders are highlighted:

Informatization: In addition to positioning, the control room can also know its specific location;

Flexibility: positioning can be flexibly adjusted in the control room;

Convenient and safe on-site installation, longevity: a rotary encoder with a fist size that can measure distances from a few μ to tens of hundreds of meters, n stations, as long as the safe installation of a rotary encoder can be avoided Many proximity switches and photoelectric switches are troublesome in on-site mechanical installation, and are easily damaged and subject to high temperature and moisture. Because it is an optoelectronic code disc, there is no mechanical loss, as long as the installation position is accurate, its service life is often very long.

Multi-functional: In addition to positioning, it can also transfer the current position and convert the speed of movement. It is especially important for applications such as inverters and stepping motors.

Economicalization: For multiple control stations, the cost of a rotary encoder and the more important installation, maintenance, and cost reduction, and the increase in service life have gradually emerged.

Due to the above advantages of the encoder, rotary encoders have been used more and more widely in various industrial control applications.

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