What are the advantages of the value encoder overspeed switch?

The application of absolute encoders is mainly in the electronics field, but few people know how the overspeed switch in absolute encoders works.

First, the protection equipment

The most obvious advantage of the overspeed switch is the protection of the absolute encoder. When the device is overloaded or otherwise, the switch will automatically turn on to ensure that the device is in normal operation and does not affect normal operation. Once there is a problem with the equipment, it will cause trouble for the work and affect the work process. In addition, the ultra-fast opening can improve the running performance of the equipment to meet the needs of practical applications.

Second, control equipment operation

The overspeed switch controls the operation of the absolute encoder to ensure that the device is operating at normal speed and avoids damage caused by the speed running too fast. Many users often ignore the control of the absolute encoder speed when using absolute encoders, which will overload the device and make the measurement inaccurate. Therefore, the overspeed switch can ensure the running speed of the equipment and ensure that the equipment can play a high role and value.

Third, extend the service life of equipment

The overspeed switch can extend the service life of the absolute encoder and ensure that the device will not have problems during long-term use. Therefore, when selecting the absolute encoder, the user must pay attention to whether there is an overspeed switch and can work for a long time. There is a problem with the device.

The above is the role and advantages of the overspeed switch in the absolute encoder. However, the overspeed switch is not the same as the ordinary switch. It can only be used in equipment such as absolute encoders to maintain the normal operation of the absolute encoder. Therefore, when purchasing, the application standard of the overspeed switch cannot be ignored.

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