What are the specialities of encoders used in large and heavy machinery?

In large-scale heavy equipment such as construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and metallurgy, water conservancy, port machinery, etc., the concept of reliability and safety is becoming more and more important in control. For safety requirements, encoder signals Reliable feedback directly relates to the control of safe and reliable, unreliable and inappropriate encoder selection, which will lead to equipment commissioning, maintenance personnel continue to go to the field service, resulting in increased labor costs for commissioning and maintenance engineers, and the on-site service engineers are not enough.

The particularity of the choice of encoder and transmission:

1. On-site complex working environment, frequency converter, large motor and high and low voltage power supply system, signal cable is often arranged together with power line, and the electrical interference on site is very serious.

2. Some devices have mobility, long moving distance, and difficulty in grounding.

3. The signal transmission distance is far, and the safety and reliability of the signal data are high.

4. Signal transmission is highly real-time and reliable to ensure a safer control response.

5. Many are used outdoors, or in harsh environments, the industrial grade requirements of the product.

Therefore, the correct selection of the encoder is critical for use in heavy machinery.

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