What factors can cause damage to the encoder?

1. The encoder itself is faulty: it means that the component of the encoder itself is faulty, which causes it to not generate and output the correct waveform. In this case, the encoder needs to be replaced or its internal components must be repaired.

2. Encoder +5V power supply drop: It means that the +5V power supply is too low, usually not lower than 4.75V. The cause of too low is the power supply failure or the power transmission cable resistance is too large and causes loss. In this case, the power supply needs to be repaired. Or replace the cable.

3. The shield cable of the encoder cable is not connected or disconnected: this will introduce interference signals, make the waveform unstable, affect the accuracy of communication, and must ensure reliable welding and grounding of the shielded wire.

4. Encoder connection cable failure: This kind of failure has the highest probability of occurrence, which is often encountered in maintenance and should be a priority factor. Usually the encoder cable is open, shorted or poorly connected, in which case the cable or connector needs to be replaced. Special attention should also be paid to whether the cable is not tightly fastened, causing loosening to cause open welding or breaking, and the cable needs to be clamped.

5. Absolute encoder battery voltage drop: This type of fault usually has a clear-cut alarm. In this case, the battery needs to be replaced. If the reference point position memory is lost, the reference point return operation must be performed.

6. The encoder is loosely installed: this kind of fault will affect the position control accuracy, resulting in the position deviation of the stop and the movement is too poor, even if the servo system overload alarm is generated just after the start, please pay special attention.

7. Grating pollution This will cause the signal output to decrease. You must use a cotton wool dipped in absolute alcohol to gently wipe off the oil.

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