What is the wiring method of the elevator pulse encoder?

Rongde Optics introduces two types of elevator encoders commonly used.

1. Incremental rotary encoder for asynchronous traction machine,

2. Sine and cosine encoder for synchronous traction machine. Incremental rotary encoders generally have four wires, positive power supply, negative power supply, phase A pulse, and phase B pulse;

3. Working voltage 10-30V. The sine and cosine encoder generally has 8 lines +5V, 0V, A+, A-, B+, B-, Z+, Z-.

4. The general code can't be directly connected to the control board. It needs to be connected to the frequency divider card of the inverter, and then sent to two places through frequency division. One is the main board for signal feedback, and the other is sent to the inverter for control parameters. For details, please refer to the inverter or the integrated instruction manual. The elevator control panel commissioning manual can be understood in detail.

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