• Encoder Rotary Optical Motor Shaft Encoder

    Encoder Rotary Optical Motor Shaft Encoder

    The digital encoder is always used with motors to feedback the shaft position of the motor. Rotary optical encoder has the features of light weight, compact size, high precision, low price, high quality ,imported bearings and high protection class .The rotary transducer is widely applied in light industry such as printing and packaging industry.

  • Motion Control Encoders Handwheel

    Motion Control Encoders Handwheel

    Handwheel digital encoder outputs square wave signal as incremental rotary encoder. A, B two channels could judge the direction and motion. Handwheel encoder is with digital output. Voltage and line driver signal are the most often required in the market. As for the universal dimensions, it can be applied to all CNC machine motion control system. This motion control encoder is widely approved by customers. The logo plate can be made on customer request. Roundss encoder welcome your inquiry.

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