• Encoder Absolute

    Encoder Absolute

    Tool turret encoder absolute is widely used to CNC machine tool turret devices, which is a key part for CNC machine tool system. It can provide the position information of tool turret to CNC machine tool system. Then it can change one tool to another tool. 8 position, 10 position and 12 potions turret absolute encoder are available.

  • Multiturn Absolute Encoder

    Multiturn Absolute Encoder

    Multiturn absolute encoder measures range over 360 degree. Three ways can realize the multi-turn measurement. One is by mechanical gear ring theory. Multiple gears(discs) are used to enlarge the measuring range. Secondly, adopting battery to supply the power for long time. Third, a new type of working principle is adopted. When power off, the data can be storage to the IC and encoders can still rotary 120 degree.

  • Optical Absolute Encoder

    Optical Absolute Encoder

    Optical theory absolute encoders are widely applied to high resolution required machines. On the disc of absolute encoder, there are many transparent and opaque light channels. The absolute encoder outputs a set of binary code or gray code through reading the transparent and opaque lines on the disc. The mechanical position of the lines on the disc decide the accurate position information. This optical absolute encoder will not be interfered if power is off.

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