• Rotary Incremental Encoder

    Rotary Incremental Encoder

    The rotary incremental encoders passed the certification of CE ISO9001 & ROHS and the manufacturer of the incremental encoder has high quality control, better delivery control and better cost control.The rotary incremental encoders are applied to the lift, textile machines, cnc machine tools, packing machines and conveyor industry.

  • Encoder Incremental Optical Sensor

    Encoder Incremental Optical Sensor

    Encoder can be divided into absolute encoder and incremental encoder. Incremental encoder is relatively easier in realizing its function than absolute encoder. Its cost is lower than absolute encoder. The measuring range of incremental optical encoder is one turn(360 degree). After 360 degree, it will start from 0 again. Optical sensor has higher accuracy than magnetic encoder. The optical glass can provide the accurate position feedback.

  • Servo Motor With Encoder Optical Encoder

    Servo Motor With Encoder Optical Encoder

    Servo motor encoder is a sensor installed on the servo motor to measure the magnetic pole position and the rotation angle and speed of the servo motor. Servo motor encoder has the feature of mini size and ultra-thin compact design, high temperature resistance, high precision, sturdy and durable, easy to install, optional various output model, high rotation speed, vibration resistance and high frequency response. In addition to conventional ABZ output, there is also UVW signal output

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