• MPG Handwheel Pendant

    MPG Handwheel Pendant

    6 axis jog MPG is suitable for position control of machine devices. The max axis no could be 11 axis. The handwheel pendant is compatible with many control systems: Fanuc, Hanuc, GSK, NUM, STNTEC, KND, HNC, GREAT, WASHING, LNC, DASEN, SKY, SIEMENS, SELCA and so on. Customers could select suitable voltage and resolution according to requirement. At the same time, E-stop and enable switch are also optional. The handwheel pendant is widely used to CNC machine tool, printing machine, CNC engraving and milling machine. The mounting way of jog MPG is very simple. The jog MPG is supplied with magnet on the back of the shell. It can easily hang to machine wall. For some models, the handwheel pendant holder will be supplied.

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