• DC Motor With Encoder Stepper Motor Encoder

    DC Motor With Encoder Stepper Motor Encoder

    Stepper motor is the executing parts and encoder is the feedback system. Encoder is used with stepper motor and PLC controls them. PLC sends the pulse command to the stepper driver. The driver supplies the current to stepper motor and make it run. And encoder will feedback the current position information to PLC. PLC will compare the feedback value with the target value and make adjustment of the rotter. DC motor with encoder is an important part in the open loop system.

  • Servo Motor With Encoder Optical Encoder

    Servo Motor With Encoder Optical Encoder

    Servo motor encoder is a sensor installed on the servo motor to measure the magnetic pole position and the rotation angle and speed of the servo motor. Servo motor encoder has the feature of mini size and ultra-thin compact design, high temperature resistance, high precision, sturdy and durable, easy to install, optional various output model, high rotation speed, vibration resistance and high frequency response. In addition to conventional ABZ output, there is also UVW signal output

  • Incremental Encoder for Motor

    Incremental Encoder for Motor

    When the incremental motor encoder shaft rotates, there is a corresponding pulse output. The discrimination of the direction of rotation and the increase or decrease of the number of pulses are realized by the rear direction judgment circuit and counter. The starting point of the counting can be setting freely, and the infinite cumulative and measurement of multiple circles can be realized. When the number of pulses is fixed and the resolution needs to be increased, the original pulse number can be multiplied by using two signals of 90° phase difference A and B.

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