• Aluminum Alloy Single Diaphragm Clamp Coupling

    Aluminum Alloy Single Diaphragm Clamp Coupling

    The single diaphragm clamp coupling has high capability of compensating the concentricity of the two shafts. It is made of aluminum alloy. The diaphragm coupling is in simple construction, light weight, easy to mount and dismantle. Aluminum coupling is high efficient in transmission to 99.86%. It is suitable for middle or high power transmission. Diaphragm clamp coupling can be workable in harsh environment.

  • Oldham Clamp Coupling Shaft Couplings

    Oldham Clamp Coupling Shaft Couplings

    Oldham clamp coupling consists of two parts: hubs and elastomer.The oldham coupling respectively connects to the driving shaft and driven shaft. It is alco called shaft couplings. Most of the general power machines are connected to the working machine by means of a shaft coupling. Oldham couplings work in high speed and heavy load transmission. Oldham couplings also have the function of buffer, vibration reduction and improving the shafting dynamic performance.

  • Clamp Diaphragm Coupling Disc Coupling

    Clamp Diaphragm Coupling Disc Coupling

    The clamp diaphragm couplings are divided to single diaphragm coupling and double diaphragm coupling. Disc coupling has the features of anti-oil and anti-corrosion. Keyway is optional on request. Disc coupling is used in machine tools, stepping servo system and screw spindle drive. ROUNDSS Flexible couplings provide multiple types: Spider, Diaphragm, Expansion Bushing, Wall-Bellows, Helical, Metal plate spring, Parallel, Fiber glass, and Odham. Most of them have clamp style and screw style, some are also divided into single and double.

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