• Handheld Encoder Handwheel

    Handheld Encoder Handwheel

    Jog handwheel is used when the tool of CNC machine needs accurate location. It is hard to make a precise location by machine control. At this time, handheld encoder will be operated by hand to control tools’ moving path. The handheld encoder is an important part for CNC machine tool. The macro movement is necessary for processing precise piece. Roundss provides 3 types of 80mm jog handwheels. The mounting dimensions are the same. Sliver metal housing, black metal housing and plastic housing are optional for the handheld encoder.

  • Jog Pendent Handwheel Encoder

    Jog Pendent Handwheel Encoder

    Jog pendant is mainly used in CNC machine tools for the original point setting, stepping adjustment by hand, the interruption of processing. It includes a hand wheel manual encoder, axis switch and resolution switch. The hand wheel manual encoder outputs A and B signals and give the position feedback to the CNC system. Axis switch decides the tool’s moving direction. The resolution switch decides the moving speed.

  • CNC Handwheel Rotary Encoder

    CNC Handwheel Rotary Encoder

    The CNC handwheel is essentially a kind of rotary encoder. It is used on CNC machine control panel or manual pulse generator. The dimension of the CNC handwheel is standard in international: 60mm and 80mm. This CNC handwheel is the 60mm outer diameter type. It has the same function as the rotary encoder to control the motion of the CNC machine tools. Along with the rotation of the wheel, the woking piece will move upward or downward accordingly.

  • Optical MPG Handwheel Encoder Hand Held Encoders

    Optical MPG Handwheel Encoder Hand Held Encoders

    The optical MPG has many similar names, like handwheel encoder, hand held encoders. It is basically a type of rotary encoder. In electrical, the theory is similar to optical encoders. MPG also output A,B signals. The output format are TTL, Line driver, which are mostly required. The disc of handwheel encoder is made of steel. As for the resolution is low: 25ppr and 100ppr, the steel disc could meet the resolution requirement completely. When handwheel as a seperate part for CNC machine tools, it is called hand held encoder. That means you can hold the encoder in hand to operate the tool’s moving.

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