Advantages of the magnetic encoder

Advantages of the magnetic encoder:High speed, fast response; dustproof, oil proof; high vibration resistance level; easy to debug, simple installation; line drive output type, strong anti-interference ability, suitable for long-line output.

Magnetic encoder installation precautions

1. Do not apply a direct impact to the shaft during installation. The encoder shaft should be connected to the machine with a flexible adapter. When installing the adapter on the shaft, do not press hard. Even if an adapter is used, it is possible to add a load larger than the allowable load on the shaft due to poor installation or core formation, so pay special attention.

Bearing life is related to operating conditions, especially due to bearing loads. If the bearing load is less than the normal load, the bearing life can be similarly extended.

2. Oscillation applied to a rotary encoder tends to be the cause of false pulses. Pay to the installation location and installation location. The more pulses are forwarded each time, the narrower the slot spacing. At the speed of rotation or suspension, the oscillation applied to the shaft or body causes the rotating grooved disk to vibrate, which may result in erroneous pulses.

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