Application of Absolute Encoder in Motor Positioning

Application of Absolute Encoder in Motor Positioning

Absolute Encoder

Based on the advantages of high precision measurement and power-down memory function of absolute photoelectric rotary encoder, the application of absolute photoelectric rotary encoder in measuring the rotational position of the motor. The method of controlling the analog clock signal of the IPO port of the MCU with software is used to communicate with the encoder, which successfully solves the bottleneck of the encoder interface technology. The motor positioning scheme has been applied to practical systems, and has the advantages of high precision, responsiveness, and strong anti-interference ability, which can meet the requirements of most motor control systems.

absolute photoelectric rotary encoder

Position and velocity measurements are often an important part of modern industrial control, and the choice of sensors is especially important. Incremental photoelectric rotary encoders are often used in motor positioning or speed measurement systems, which have the advantages of low cost and simple interface. However, with the rapid development of the control industry, such encoders with low precision and no power-down memory function have been unable to meet some of the modern industrial performance requirements. Therefore, the application has promoted the development of absolute photoelectric rotary encoders. Absolute photoelectric rotary encoders are sensors that directly output digital quantities, named for each angular position corresponding to a unique digital code. If the motion of the system occurs during a power outage, the new location can be determined immediately after the power is restored. In addition, the absolute encoder has the characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, etc., and it has received more and more attention in applications.

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