Application of absolute encoder in open door control

Gate opening control, feedback and adjustment of the circuit system and accurate positioning, also in robotic applications such as pedestal, boom and arm or multi-axis control systems, requiring real-time detection of position information and position Transfer to the control center for processing; arm position detector, small size for better installation. The multi-ring elevator absolute encoder module has the advantages of high resolution, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and voltage range of 10-30V. The module is small in size and easy to install, which facilitates the mechanical design and circuit design of the entire door.

The elevator absolute value encoder is in the door control. After the power is turned off, there is no door movement, and the door position information can be detected. To do this, you need a complete set of absolute values for the elevator encoder, while measuring the advantages of range and accuracy.

Improve the electromechanical integration of the absolute encoder door machine design, control the motor to perform the gating according to the requirements of the upper computer or the input command, and feedback the position of the absolute encoder to the controller through the Otis elevator, so that the control system forms a closed loop, which can achieve good Open door control, feedback and adjustment. In this system, the battery or storage unit does not require location information for the door, and the door opening information can be obtained directly after the system is powered up, and no additional movement of the door actuator is required. The elevator absolute encoder plays a key role in elevator control and plays a very good role in the safety of the elevator.

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