Application of encoder in industrial control positioning

The encoder is generally composed of two parts: the grating disk and the optical device. The working principle is as follows: the grating plate opens or even a fixed number of rectangular holes in the plate, the disk rotates in operation, the electronic test instrument, the pulse signal, and the measurement variable. Achievements.

According to the signal absolute encoder and incremental encoder, according to the measurement method principle, the encoder gap can be divided into different running length coding and angle encoders, which are analyzed and elaborated in detail below.

The incremental transfer cycle signal and the pulse of the conversion signal, the size of the pulse corresponds to the shift and the computer to which it is transmitted. The working process is: one side of the above-mentioned device in the middle of the photoelectric rotary encoder shaft, the other side will receive a round through, dark line, optical encoder photoelectric transmitting device detection, with varying rotational speed, direction of rotation angle and relative distance measurement and The purpose of the realization of the CD. Defects in the incremental type encoding device program, mainly the environment incremental type encoding base unit record, based on the counting device memory, or the external interference caused by the pulsation loss, encoding 0 point offset, slave device occurrence and offset It is not possible to calculate the volume, and even if there is no change, only the error occurs. I want to know that the result is too obvious.

To solve this problem, the only growth point after the number of zero reference point encoder revisions can be null, but the position of the precision is not guaranteed, especially for intermittent errors and errors. Zero error, so increase the power demand of the current memory loss, as well as the anti-jamming function and other issues when other encoder absolute encoders solve the change can turn off.

The basic structure of absolute rotary encoders and incremental encoders are similar to elements, device inspection, fixed grid start and rotation gratings and other elements. While the encoder rotates with the component to be measured by the rotation of the encoder, the rotating mesh transmits the optical code disc, coupled to the other side of the optical encoder to detect the device element parallel beam shooting operation. The absolute encoder differs from the increment in that the former multi-ray channel is a line and each line's own layout code, such as 2-line 4-wire in 16-line layout, if each tick is a series of binary codes, 2 reads The binary code of n-1, called n-bit absolute value, can be encoded.

Absolute encoders can manage such defective incremental encoders to avoid digital signals as angles, measuring distances directly and other physical quantities must be offset. Not in harsh environments and electrical noise or vibration can also be used, with strong anti-jamming ability. There is no cumulative error, and the strong anti-interference ability and reliability depend on the generation of the disc by the mechanical position, no memory and reference point or return to the origin, the measurement time at its position. Absolute encoder single-turn absolute encoder and rotary multi-turn absolute encoder, the former is back to the original point, used for internal 360° angular division code, extended measurement range encoder, the number of positioning can be used for width Angle or length is currently localized in many industrial applications.

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