Application of encoder on shield machine

Rotary encoders are an indispensable speed in today's industrial production, angle measurement feedback sensors. Encoders are widely used in various industries in China, making a variety of advanced machines made in China even more powerful.

Rotary encoders

Shield tunneling machine, referred to as shield machine. It is a special engineering machine for tunneling. The modern shield tunneling machine integrates light, machine, electricity, liquid, sensing and information technology. It has excavation cutting soil, conveying soil, assembling tunnel lining, measuring and guiding correction. And other functions, involving geology, civil engineering, mechanics, mechanics, hydraulics, electrical, control, measurement and other multi-disciplinary technologies, but also in accordance with different geology for "tailor-made" design and manufacturing, reliability requirements are extremely high. Shield tunneling machines have been widely used in subway, railway, highway, municipal, hydropower and other tunnel projects.


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