Application of Intelligent Absolute Encoder in Wind Turbine

The pitch angle feedback sensor is critical in wind turbine pitch control systems. At present, many domestic research and production manufacturers are striving to independently develop wind turbines and control systems. To this end, a self-developed wind power generation enterprise in the north has proposed high reliability and easy signal connection for the selection of sensors with variable pitch angle. It is easy to develop independently, with short delivery time and low cost.

 absolute multi-turn encoder

  1. Select the absolute multi-turn encoder, no power failure, interference, and ensure reliability.

output signal

2. Since there is no position installation on the user's pitch shaft, it is recommended to install on the motor reduction gear shaft, about 5 turns. Multiple measurements are required.

output signal

3, the output signal selects the intelligent 4-20mA form, provides an Easypro intelligent setting interface, can set 4mA corresponding to the negative declination of less than zero degree, 20mA corresponds to 5 laps, signal connection and development is convenient.

output signal

4. Since the encoder is equipped with an external zero line, the zero position can be intelligently set. After the encoder is installed, it is convenient to set the zero outside the zero angle angle for easy debugging.

output signal

5. Due to the introduction of technology, it has been produced in China, with short delivery time and low price.

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