Application of sensor in subway screen door control system

The sensor increases safety and comfort, as well as a significant amount of energy, especially for areas that require cooling of the subway system due to high temperatures. This is the case in Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Every day, when the train arrives, the door will automatically open, and the door will automatically close before the departure. If one of these doors fails, this will greatly affect the safety of the passengers and also affect the operation of the subway system. For example, in Hong Kong, there are 74 stations, each with 40 doors, and it will soon be clear that with careful maintenance and diagnostics, it will ensure its functionality over a 35-year working life. From this we made the decision that each door was networked and carefully monitored. Automation products are the ideal technical basis, and they also play an important role in providing flexible automation for the huge flow of people on the railway.

  • Multi-layer network structure

  • Central display system

  • Controller that communicates with each other

  • Safe programming

  • Integrated tool

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