How do you choose the absolute encoder type for large and heavy machinery?

First, the type selection, first of all according to the application needs to determine whether to choose the incremental encoder or the absolute encoder, the absolute encoder is to choose single-turn absolute  or multi-turn absolute  encoder.

Second, the signal selection, according to the signal interface of the existing encoder receiving device, select the matching absolute value encoder signal output interface. Analog signal, digital signal selection, parallel, serial, bus selection. The choice of signal should take into account the convenience of on-site service and maintenance of large and heavy machinery. With years of experience, the output of 4--20mA analog current signal is most popular with such equipment: voltage signal immunity Interference, more convenient than digital signals, a multimeter electrician can check the signal on the spot, the convenience of choice is to save money.

Third, electrical parameters, electrical parameters including operating voltage, current consumption, signal matching requirements (including coding and logic), electronic response frequency and speed, signal output distance and cable or connector requirements.

Fourth, the resolution and range (number of turns), according to the needs of the application, select the resolution (number of bits) per encoder and the measurement stroke (multiple laps) requirements.

Fifth, the working environment and encoder level, the encoder is generally divided into chip level (requires secondary development and then can be used), economic grade (only for small equipment single use), standard industrial grade (various equipment, outdoor equipment, each Kind of automation engineering project), special industrial requirements. The encoder grade should be selected according to the actual working conditions. For most cases, large and heavy machinery equipment should be selected for the standard industrial grade.

Sixth, the shape is installed, according to the installation requirements of the mechanical equipment, the encoder is installed in the flange form, and the encoder has a shaft type or a sleeve type installation method.

Seven, performance guarantee, temperature grade, anti-vibration grade, protection grade, EMC grade, electrical shock or protection grade, warranty period.

Eight, service and maintenance.

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