How to choose the model of the spindle encoder?

 In order to machine the thread, it is required that the number of pulses of the given servo motor should have a corresponding relationship with the spindle speed. The spindle pulse generator It is the connection between the rotation of the main shaft and the movement of the feed. Rongde Optics introduces how to choose the model of the spindle encoder?

Selection considerations

First, the absolute shape of the absolute encoder: 38MM, 58MM, 66MM, 80MM.100MM.

Second, the absolute value encoder is divided into: single circle, multiple circles.

Third, the bus encoder outlet mode is divided into: side outlet, rear outlet.

Fourth, the bus encoder is divided according to the principle: sub-absolute encoder, optical absolute encoder.

Fifth, the bus encoder axis is divided into: 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 25MM.

Sixth, bus encoder protection is divided into: IP54-68.

Seven, bus encoder is divided into: axis, blind hole, through hole.

Eight, bus encoder installation methods are divided into: clamping flange, synchronous flange, clamping belt synchronous flange, blind hole (spring piece, hold), through hole (spring piece, key pin).

Nine, BEN absolute encoder accuracy is divided into: single-turn precision and multi-turn precision, add up to the total accuracy, which is the usual number of bits (regular 24, 25, 30, 32).

X. Absolute value encoder communication protocol baud rate: 4800~115200 bit/s, wood thinks 9600 bit/s. The refresh cycle is approximately 1.5ms.

11. Encoder output is optional: SSI, 4-20MA, profibus-dp, DEVicenet, parallel, binary code, BESM58, BiSS, ISI.

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