How to do the daily maintenance of the encoder?

Regular inspection

Do a regular inspection of the mechanical part of the encoder. The general situation is once a month. The inspection content mainly includes the inspection of the mechanical connection point to see if there is looseness, whether the connection is misplaced, etc.

2. Regularly change hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly. The replacement cycle is usually twice a year. If the hydraulic oil does not deteriorate, it can be replaced once a year.

3. Do not adjust the electronic control equipment at will.

The encoder belongs to a precision instrument, in which the electronic control device is a part. The power control device component has a power supply parameter value of 380 volts, which is 160 volts higher than the universal voltage of 220 volts. On the one hand, the encoder can be used normally, on the other hand, on the other hand, the encoder can be used normally. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, it is recommended that operators do not arbitrarily adjust the electronic control equipment, especially the interlocking device.

4. Professionals operate electrical equipment

The use of the encoder needs to be used together with devices such as controllers and electronic control systems. These devices have high power and different operation modes, which not only cause damage to the body, but also cause electric shock, so they are maintained by professionals in the operation of electrical equipment. .

Increasing the value of the encoder requires not only understanding the way the device is used, but also the daily maintenance during the use of the device. No matter which one loses its focus, it will not be balanced, and the accuracy of the encoder signal conversion cannot be guaranteed. These points are the same for the encoder.

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