How to judge the quality of the speed encoder

When the encoder is slightly rotated, the above two voltages should be obtained in sequence. A-, B- can get 0V or -15V.

2. When the encoder rotates continuously, the output is the average of the rms voltage, which may be just a stable voltage value of about 3~5V.

3, the multimeter can only do a rough check. If the measurement result is too different from the above description, it can be pre-considered that the encoder has failed.

4, but only use the multimeter, can not accurately check whether the encoder is completely normal.

Since the encoder outputs high frequency pulse signals under normal conditions, it is recommended that you use an oscilloscope for measurements.

5. The method is to connect the output A phase or B phase signal of the encoder to the oscilloscope and then rotate the encoder axis. If a high frequency 15V square wave pulse signal is observed on the oscilloscope at this time, the encoder is good. of.

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