Industry upgrades are long and difficult

There are also some companies that believe that the use of robots instead of people has improved the efficiency, and the realization of the consistency of product quality has reached the goal of industrial upgrading, but it is not entirely true. If we simply replace people with robots, we call it still in the stage of Industry 2.0, and there is still a little distance from Industry 4.0.

In fact, Industrial 3.0 is also a module production in large-scale production, introducing a large number of software or data modeling forms, and can collect data on a large scale, accurately analyze, and realize intelligent manufacturing based on big data. 4.0. You can see that the relatively mature Siemens Nuremberg factory and Huawei factory are highly intelligent, but from the standard of professional rating, there is still a certain distance from Industry 4.0.

What kind of model to achieve in future production is actually a single piece of large quantities, multiple pieces of small batches, multiple pieces of customization, three intelligent modes to meet the different needs of the industry. Including the use of software to control the automatic flow of data to solve product uncertainty, this is what we call smart manufacturing.

Throughout the degree of global industrialization, it is actually different, including domestic industrial 2.0 to industrial 4.0, each enterprise or regional industry is at a different stage. In the process of crossing to Industry 4.0, not only the equipment needs to be put in but also a large amount of sensor components and software is needed to obtain real-time data in real time. The encoder acts as the sensing of the end of the whole machine, and shoulders the role of grasping real data and executing the brain. . Thus, the encoder plays a very important role in it.

In response to this situation, the development of the encoder proposed: cost-effective, digital, network and other requirements.

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