Introduction to common sense of rotary encoder

Rotary encoder is a commonly used electronic component, which is widely used in automotive electronics, home audio, multimedia, mixing consoles, walkie-talkies, electronic toys, home, aerospace, military and many more. 

1. Rotary encoder function: The rotary encoder device mainly helps the speed conversion to become a voltage signal. Although the precision is relatively low in the whole process, the operation is very reliable and needs to be read into the computer system through the relevant conversion, which is presented to the user. The data.

2. Rotary encoder application field: We have found that rotary encoders are now used in solving components, correcting components and servo motors. Especially for position control systems and speed control systems in different fields, it plays a very important role. effect.

3. Rotary encoder classification: The rotary encoders on the market are roughly divided into incremental encoders and encoders. You should select the appropriate device according to your actual needs, so that you can achieve high-performance detection and provide it to yourself. More reliable data.

4. Rotary encoder installation instructions: When installing such devices, you must ensure that the encoder size and specifications you choose can meet the relevant installation standards such as hole position and shaft diameter.

5. Rotary encoder connection note: When the encoder and the machine are connected to the vertical axis, it must be ensured that the load cannot exceed its limit, and there is no deviation problem.

6. Rotary Encoder Connection Conveyor Note: If it is connected by a conveyor belt, then the timing belt must be used, otherwise the angle of transmission may not be accurate enough.

7. Rotary encoder installation precautions: Since different types of rotary encoders are installed, they need to be locked with corresponding parts to avoid looseness during operation. When selecting screws, be sure to pay attention to whether the encoder model and specifications are suitable.

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