Rotary encoders mainly apply the different fields

Elevator field - the speed adjustment of the elevator and the position control of the car require very precise signals. The encoder can provide reliable and accurate position signal and speed signal on the elevator control to complete the normal operation of the elevator;

In the field of vector motors and servo motors - vector motors and servo motors can rely on encoders on the motor output shaft for speed, torque and position control over a wide range;

Construction machinery – large construction machinery is increasingly demanding reliable speed and position detection, especially in the heavy-duty vehicle industry, where encoders are widely used in electronic steering assist systems, vehicle speed detectors, and hybrid vehicles;

Industrial automation control production line area - the factory's automated production line requires precise speed and direction information to ensure the normal operation of the motor;

Industrial Robotics - Every joint of the robot requires precise control to ensure coordinated movement or walking of the entire robot, so each joint requires an encoder for coordinated control.

Oil and gas industry - oil and gas industry is a high-risk industry, requiring high reliability and good sealing of high standard encoders, mainly used for speed measurement of drill rig motors, turntables and sludge pumps, such as encoders on tankers. Measuring flow rate, metering fuel quantity;

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