Safety by standard

Building effective safety stopping functionality inside the drive has been one of the key points from the very beginning of the drive development. All of GD drives feature a SIL2 rated safe torque off (STO) combined with configurable dynamic braking eliminating the need of external safety relays and components for emergency stopping. In addition to STO, drive constantly monitors errors like over velocity, over travel and communication errors and handles all of them gracefully.

To speed up customer’s time to market and increase production throughput, Granite Devices has paid special attention on deploying drives in volume production. Dedicated deployment tool and API has been provided that takes care of configuring and upgrading freshly installed drives to the user defined state. The API also enables developer to remotely change drive settings or firmware after the target system has been delivered to it’s end user. This way all delivered systems are easily maintained at the latest version and avoiding support and warranty overhead

Drive’s internal hard-stop homing function drives axis precisely to a reference point and sets soft travel limits eliminating the need of any kind of travel limit sensors or switches thus simplifying wiring and reducing chance of failures. The internal homing function supports also the traditional sensor based operation.

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