The higher the encoder resolution is, the better the absolute encoder is.

For the sake of understanding, first explain what is the absolute encoder, what is the resolution? “Absolute value” is a kind of “qualitative” expression, and resolution is a “quantitative” expression. Just like we say “32-inch LCD TV”, “LCD” here is equivalent to “absolute value”. And "32" is equivalent to "23-bit resolution." “Absolute value” refers to the position where the motor is turned, knowing at any time, and after the power is cut off, the servo motor can also accurately remember the number of turns of the motor; because the motor is in a circle, “23” means the motor turns one turn. There are 223 scales, which means that the accuracy of the motor can reach 1/223.

For absolute encoders, of course, the higher the resolution, the higher accuracy and the better the performance. However, for servo motors, the absolute encoder resolution does not ultimately determine the accuracy of the motor.

The absolute encoder is coded by the mechanical position, it does not need to remember, no need to find a reference point, and does not have to count all the time, when to know the position, when to read its position. In this way, the anti-interference characteristics of the encoder and the reliability of the data are greatly improved.

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