What are the precautions for installing the scale?

1. When the grating sensor and the digital display plug are plugged and unplugged, the power should be turned off.

2. Add a protective cover as much as possible, and clean the chips and oil splashed on the ruler in time to prevent any foreign matter from entering the inside of the grating sensor housing.

3. Regularly check whether the mounting screws are loose.

4. The grating sensor is strictly prohibited from violent vibration and beating, so as not to damage the grating scale. If the grating scale is broken, the grating scale sensor will be invalid.

5. Do not disassemble the optical scale sensor by yourself, and do not arbitrarily change the relative spacing between the main scale and the secondary scale. Otherwise, the accuracy of the grating scale sensor may be damaged on the one hand; on the other hand, the main scale and the secondary scale may be caused. Relative friction, damage to the chrome layer will damage the grid line, causing the grating ruler to be scrapped.

6. To extend the life of the dust seal, evenly apply a thin layer of silicone oil on the seal, taking care not to splash on the glass grating scribe surface.

7. Care should be taken to prevent oil stains and water from contaminating the grating surface, so as not to damage the stripe distribution of the grating scale and cause measurement errors.

8. In order to ensure the reliability of the grating sensor, the alcohol grating (50% each) can be used to clean the grating scale surface and the indicator grating surface at regular intervals to keep the glass grating surface clean.

9. the grating sensor should try to avoid working in an environment with severe corrosion, so as not to corrode the grating chrome layer and the grating surface, and destroy the quality of the grating.

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