What is a security encoder?

We know that a complete safety control system in machinery and equipment needs to include: safety detection components, safety control mechanisms and safe power actuators.

Safety detection components, such as safety zone scanners, safety carpets, safety light barriers, etc., are used to sense if a person has entered a potentially hazardous area of the exercise equipment;

Safety control mechanisms, such as safety controllers and relays, are used to process the safety logic of the system, identify potential hazards faced by personnel, and issue corresponding safety action instructions to the power actuator in accordance with a preset safety policy.

Safe power actuators, safety inverters, safety servo drives, safety pneumatic components... perform the required safety actions according to the commands issued by the controller, such as: deceleration, speed limit, stop or cut off power output...etc. .


1.Safe stop

Safe stop

When the operator's body enters the hazardous area of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the machine action is stopped. The safety controller determines whether a person has entered the specified danger zone based on the signal sensed by the sensing element, such as a safety light barrier.

2. Safe speed limit

Safe speed limit

In some cases, the operation and maintenance personnel need to enter the dangerous area of the equipment to handle the faults, maintenance and repair of the running parts.

3. Safe speed control


Some equipment must be able to automatically and flexibly adjust its own operating speed according to the degree of danger of the location of the people around it.

If reliable safety speed control is to be done here, it is also necessary to use a safety encoder as its closed loop feedback.


In contrast, using secure encoders is much simpler because they are all compliant with specific security standards and all the necessary security-related information is readily available.

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