What should I consider when purchasing an absolute encoder?

1. Data security and reliability problems of power-off movement and inertial slip. For some safety equipments requiring high and long-length measurement, large equipment, and lifting engineering equipment, safety is an important factor to ensure encoder data. For stable reliability, a full-stroke absolute encoder must be used. For example, height and length measurements of sluice gates, construction machinery, cranes, elevators, door machines, etc.

2. Subsequent equipment saves resources. The incremental encoder needs high-speed counting and non-stop counting, which consumes CPU resources. Sometimes multiple encoders are connected without more high-speed counting ports. In this case, the serial output of the absolute encoder is selected (such as RS485) or bus type output, in fact, saves resources of subsequent devices and saves money. The "electronic absolute" encoder is mainly available in this case. For example, a synchronous correction of a plurality of encoder comparisons, a pipeline of a plurality of encoder linkage operations, a processing machine, and the like are required.

3. Signal anti-interference problem, incremental signal is more susceptible to various interferences, data acquisition is unstable, it will take a lot of energy to investigate for unpredictable interferences in various fields, and try to avoid interference, sometimes labor costs Far more than an encoder, in which case you should consider replacing the absolute encoder. For example, in various automation engineering projects, the on-site inverter, switching power supply, and grounding conditions are unclear, and there is no way to judge the interference. The absolute encoder can be used to ensure various working conditions.

4. The environment is more difficult to choose, the incremental encoder is mostly optical, and it is easily damaged by moisture, dust and vibration. The magnetoelectric absolute encoder (single or true multi-turn) can be avoided. The damage is greatly improved, and the life of the product is greatly improved, and the comprehensive effect is better and the use cost is lower. For example, port mining machinery used outdoors, fast door openers in factories, etc.

5. Saving comprehensive cost, in some cases where it is not convenient to repair, replace, repair, or stop repair, replace, and repair costs, use absolute encoder, because of its data reliability and product durability, Significantly reduce the labor cost of after-sales service, the product can be used for a long time, directly the comprehensive cost of product use is greatly saved. For example, some high-speed pipelines, pipe network systems (electric actuators) in remote areas.

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