Wiring requirements for photoelectric encoders

Photoelectric encoders are generally used in motors to achieve signal output. Optical encoders are a general term and are classified according to the signal principle. They can be classified into incremental encoders and absolute encoders. Rongde Optics introduces the requirements for the wiring of photoelectric encoders.

The wiring is very simple. In fact, the actual mistakes in wiring often result in the device not working properly. The same is true for the photoelectric encoder wiring. Only the standardized wiring can guarantee the application value of the encoder.

The requirements for the wiring of the photoelectric encoder are as follows:

First, the wiring port to understand: different wiring ports represent different roles, the user must first understand the meaning of the wiring port before wiring, in order to make correct wiring.

Second, the wiring safety: must pay attention to wiring safety when wiring. The user should turn off the device before wiring and be in a no-current state to avoid an electric shock during wiring. After waiting for the wiring to complete, a test is being conducted.

Third, the wiring is fixed: the wiring must pay attention to the fixedness, only the wiring is fixed, can ensure the encoder can run normally. Many users often neglect the stability of the wiring when wiring, which causes the encoder to break during operation and cannot guarantee the normal operation of the device. Therefore, everyone is reminded here that the wiring must be checked when wiring.

Fourth, the wiring specification: When the encoder is wired, it is necessary to pay attention to its specifications. Only the standardized wiring can ensure the correct wiring of the encoder and meet the practical application. Many people often neglect the wiring specifications when wiring, which leads to complicated wiring. Once the equipment is damaged, its circuit will affect the normal detection. Therefore, it is best to wire the wiring according to the specifications when wiring the user.

The wiring seems to be simple, but it is not simple. If you want to make the wiring correct, you must do every step of the way. If you can't standardize the wiring, you can ask the professional to make wiring, ensure the safety and standardization of the wiring, and also ensure the application of the encoder.

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