• Absolute Encoder

    Absolute Encoder

    Absolute encoder interfaces are more than incremental encoders. For incremental encoders, TTL , line driver, pushpull and open collector interfaces are common. But for absolute encoders, its interface options are more. Generally, two types of interfaces: Parallel and serial interface. Parallet interface is similar to incremental encoder interfaces. But serial interface is more common for absolute encoders, like SSI, BISS, RS485, RS232. Roundss absolute encoders are available with multiple serial interface.Welcome your inquiry at any time.

  • Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Rotary encoder

    Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Rotary encoder

    Best Price 12 Bit SSI Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Rotary encoder:Absolute rotary encoders divide into single-turn absolute encoder and multi-turn absolute encoder. The code track is designed by using Gray code, matrix code, cursor code, pseudo-random code, etc. When the shaft rotates, there is a code output corresponding to the position. From the change in code size, the position of the forward and backward directions and the displacement can be distinguish without direction judgment circuit. It has an absolute zero code. When power is outage or turned off, when it is turned on and re-measured, the code of the power outage or shut down position can still be accurately read, and the zero code can be accurately found. ROUNDSS Absolute rotary encoder provide multiple interfaces:RS485, RS422, RS232, SSI, MODBUS, Canopen, parallel or analogue. The sensor has multiple shaft diameters are optional.

  • Absolute Encoder Rotary

    Absolute Encoder Rotary

    ROUNDSS absolute encoders provide multiple output interfaces:RS485, RS422, RS232,SSI, BISS MODBUS and CANopen,the max resolution up to 33 bit and operating voltage is DC5V and DC9V-30V. The absolute encoders pass the certification is CE ISO9001 & ROHS.The Manufacturer of sensor has high quality control, better delivery control and better cost control. For other types of cheap absolute encoders, please contact sales for details.

  • Absolute Rotary Encoder

    Absolute Rotary Encoder

    Absolute rotary encoder is featured on high resolution. Generally, the higher resolution, the higher accuracy. But the absolute rotary encoder can not decide the accuracy of the whole system. Absolute encoder, motor and driver are the three main parts in servo system. Even if the absolute rotary encoder is high in resolution, motor can not match encoder, the total accuracy will be low also. So it is not the higher resolution of encoder, the better accuracy of motor. Suitable resolution is the best. Currently 17 bit resolution can meet most of application.

  • Absolute Angle Encoder

    Absolute Angle Encoder

    Absolute encoder is often used in high resolution requirement applications, like military, aerospace, robots, wind power. The angle and position information can be told through the signal converting. This absolute angle encoder is with thin design, which saved much mounting space. ROUNDSS, the leading encoder manufacturer in China, supplies a complete series of absolute angle encoder products from 25mm to 206mm products you can customized and choose.

  • Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoder

    Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoder

    Absolute encoder can be divided to 3 types in mechanical: shaft encoder, end hollow shaft encoder and through hollow shaft encoder. Shaft absolute encoder needs some extra part like flexible coupling to connect the shaft of motor and the shaft of encoder. Hollow shaft encoder can directly mounted to motor shaft and fix it with screws, clamp ring and brackets. Generally, the bigger size encoder is alway with hollow shaft design. The hole is from 4mm to 50mm or more. Howerver, for shaft encoder, the shaft diameter is always from 4 mm to 15mm.

  • Single Turn Absolute Encoder

    Single Turn Absolute Encoder

    Single turn absolute encoder is the most common encoder required. It can measure 0-360 degree. When the single turn absolute encoder rotate, optical parts could read the lines on the absolute encoder disc and get the sole code. When rotation is over 360 degree, the counts will be back to the original point. This type of absolute encoder could only used within 360 °. It is called single turn absolute encoder.

  • Absolute Encoder Supplier

    Absolute Encoder Supplier

    Absolute encoder's working principle is similar to incremental encoder. Inside the absolute encoder, there is a rotary disc with many transparent holes on it. Light receiver will collect the interval light. The light signal will be converted to pulse signal through circuit manipulation. ROUNDSS as China the 2nd largest encoder supplier, supplies a complete series of single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoder products from 25mm to 206mm products you can customized and choose.

  • Multiturn Absolute Encoder

    Multiturn Absolute Encoder

    Multiturn absolute encoder measures range over 360 degree. Three ways can realize the multi-turn measurement. One is by mechanical gear ring theory. Multiple gears(discs) are used to enlarge the measuring range. Secondly, adopting battery to supply the power for long time. Third, a new type of working principle is adopted. When power off, the data can be storage to the IC and encoders can still rotary 120 degree.

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