• Electronic Handwheels Handy Manual Pulse Generator

    Electronic Handwheels Handy Manual Pulse Generator

    Electronic handwheel is a photoelectric rotary encoder used for zero correction and signal segmentation of CNC machine tools, printing machines, etc. When the sensor rotates, the handy manual pulse generator produces a signal corresponding to the electronic handwheels motion. The coordinates are selected by the numerical control system and the coordinates are positioned. Electronic handwheel is applicable to CNC machines by providing HOME position, step adjustment and interrupt signal. Precise 90°phase A and B signals to ensure accurate position control. Manual pulse generator shell is made of pressure enduring with impact resistance, anti-interference, wear resistance and oilproof function. It can be applied to CNC machine tools and automation systems, and is compatible with various CNC systems. For example, Siemens, Mitsubishi, FANUC, FAGOR, NUM, HEIDENHAIN, LNC, new generation, KND, GSK, SKY, etc.

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