• Fiberglass Screw Type Coupling

    Fiberglass Screw Type Coupling

    The fiberglass coupling is not big in size. So set screw mounting is more suitable for the compact size. Encoder couplings and flexible coupling are working with the use of encoder and all kinds of motors (servo motor, DC motor, AC motor, gear motors). ROUNDSS couplings are available with many types. Only only aluminum coupling, steel coupling, there is also plastic coupling, fiberglass coupling. The flexibility and hardness of these couplings are different. Please choose suitable couplings according to your own application.

  • Machine Tool Encoders Roundss Spindle Encoder

    Machine Tool Encoders Roundss Spindle Encoder

    ROUNDSS Machine Tool Spindle Encoder is an optical rotary spindle motor sensor.The spindle encoder is mainly applied to the spindle of the CNC machine. The synchronous pulse of the encoder is processed by the CNC and the calculated tool data is transmitted to the servo motor for execution.

  • Spindle Motor Encoder Manufacturers Roundss

    Spindle Motor Encoder Manufacturers Roundss

    ROUNDSS Manufacturers Spindle Motor Encoder is an optical bearingless spindle encoder provide the processing efficiency of machine tools up to 10000 rpm ,adjustable axial mounting range, easy mounting, stable installation construction and completely synchronous with machine tool spindle without synchronous pulley.

  • Absolute Encoder Supplier

    Absolute Encoder Supplier

    Absolute encoder's working principle is similar to incremental encoder. Inside the absolute encoder, there is a rotary disc with many transparent holes on it. Light receiver will collect the interval light. The light signal will be converted to pulse signal through circuit manipulation. ROUNDSS as China the 2nd largest encoder supplier, supplies a complete series of single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoder products from 25mm to 206mm products you can customized and choose.

  • Rotary Shaft Encoder Roundss Encoder

    Rotary Shaft Encoder Roundss Encoder

    Roundss rotary shaft encoder as an incremental rotary encoder provides cyclical outputs (only) when the encoder is rotated. The incremental rotary encoder is the most widely used of all rotary encoders due to its low cost and ability to provide signals that can be easily interpreted to provide motion related information such as position and velocity.

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