• Servo Motor Encoder

    Servo Motor Encoder

    The servo motor encoder is in modular design. There is no housing. It can be directly mounted into the back of the servo motor. 35mm OD size is smaller than common type of servo motor encoders. The function is the same and it is with low cost. In recent years, along with the popularization of automation, intelligence, miniaturization, modular type encoders have been welcomed more and more. The structure of modular type encoders is more compact compared with other encoder. It reduces production costs.

  • Servo Motor Encoder Optical Encoder

    Servo Motor Encoder Optical Encoder

    Each servo motor is including a optical encoder. If a servo motor does not have a encoder, it can not be called servo motor. Encoder feedback function is important for servo motor. Servo motor has the obvious advantage in precise positioning than stepper motor in precise control system. Stepper motor is an open loop system. Servo motor is closed loop system. Servo motor system has higher anti-vibration even when low speed operation.

  • DC Motor Encoder for Robotics

    DC Motor Encoder for Robotics

    ROUNDSS servo motor encoder provide multiple output signals: binary, BISS, linear driver, RS422, ABZ output, square wave and sine-cosine signals. Servo motor is through hollow shaft rotary optical encoder stainless steel shaft ensures high stability and protection ability. The small size motor encoder is suitable for many applications,especially for robotics and other device which need compact design.

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